About Us


Hey SV Honeys!

We know you have a lot of stuff to do. You've got people to connect with and  moves to make.  You need your closet to reflect the vibe and flow of your every mood and occasion with effortless perfection.

Finding the perfect piece should be like finding your soulmate…it just works and is uniquely YOUR style.  Stella and Violette is the brand that understands you and is the blueprint that inspires your style. We passionately serve your demand by curating trendy boutique looks with excellent service that provides you with the experience that you’ve been looking for.

Stella and Violette is 100% Women-owned and our team uses the 25+ years of experience in the retail space to serve as compass to help you create the transformative fashion experience that is uniquely you but has been missing from your life…until now!

Love, Stella & Violette